V-Slot 101: An introduction to the world of aluminium V-Slot profiles for DIY enthusiasts

Hello, DIYers! Have you ever wondered how to build your own CNC device, 3D printer or have another project idea using aluminium profiles? You've come to the perfect place! In today's post, we'll cover the basics of aluminium V-Slot profiles to help you bring your ideas to life. The knowledge you'll gain from this article will give you a better understanding of the specifics of these profiles and their applications in DIY projects.

What are V-Slot profiles and why should you use them?

V-Slot profiles are a type of special V-shaped aluminium profiles that are perfect as structural elements in a variety of DIY projects. They are extremely robust, easy to assemble and allow for simple integration with other parts. The V-Slot system was developed by OpenBuilds USA, which has since gained recognition among DIY enthusiasts around the world.

The benefits of using V-Slot profiles are:

  • High material quality and durability
  • Ease of assembly and configuration
  • Universality of applications
  • Flexibility of construction


V-Slot profile types available - choose the perfect one for your project

We offer the following types of V-Slot profiles:

  1. 20x20 - ideal for lightweight structures and frames
  2. 20x40 - perfect for larger frames and supports
  3. 20x60 - recommended for structures requiring greater rigidity
  4. 20x80 - suitable for large, high-strength projects
  5. C-Beam 40x80 - heavy duty and industrial applications
  6. 40x40 - universal profile for a variety of applications

All these profiles are manufactured by our company V-Slot in Poland, which guarantees their high quality and durability. In addition, we offer profile lengths of up to 3000mm, allowing you to realise larger projects.

v-slot profile

Applications of V-Slot profiles - DIY project ideas

Because of their versatility and flexibility, V-Slot profiles are used in a variety of projects, such as:

...and much more! Professional quality V-Slot profiles make your DIY projects durable and robust.

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If you want to learn more about V-Slot Profiles and be inspired by the ideas of other DIYers, we invite you to follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel (YouTube.com/@vslot). We regularly publish interesting projects, tutorials and news from the world of V-Slot, so you will gain access to valuable knowledge and inspiration.

Construction optimisation - the key to success

In future articles on our blog, we will delve into various topics related to V-Slot profiles, addressing issues such as installation, selecting the right components or structural design. We invite you to visit our blog and join the growing community of DIYers who use aluminium V-Slot profiles in their projects.


Aluminium V-Slot profiles are a great solution for any DIYer who wants to create robust and durable DIY structures. Thanks to the wide range of profiles available and the ease of assembly, the possibilities for application are virtually endless. Feel free to experiment with V-Slot profiles and share your ideas with our community. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up to date with news and tidbits from the world of V-Slot.



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