In our v-slot. pl shop you will find unique V-Slot aluminium profiles.

The profiles come in several types and have many applications. We divide this type of aluminium profiles according to the dimensions, which are defined in our shop as :



  • Aluminium profile V-Slot 2020 , profile with dimension 20x20mm
  • Aluminium profile V-Slot 2040 , profile with dimension 20x40 mm
  • Aluminium profile V-Slot 2060 , profile with dimension 20x60 mm
  • Aluminium profile V-Slot 2080 , profile with dimension 20x80 mm


Each of the above mentioned profiles is also available in 2 varieties:

  • V-Slot profiles anodized in silver
  • V-Slot profiles in black

How do V-Slot profiles differ from standard construction profiles?

The standard aluminium profile is often referred to as T-profile or constructional aluminium profile.

Standard aluminium profiles have been used for a long time to build various types of machines or workstations. Constructional aluminium profiles are used wherever it is important to be able to make various connections and expand the profile system. When using additional elements, we can connect profiles with each other at different angles, install additional components such as electronics, pneumatics, boards, signs, buttons and much more. All of this is possible thanks to specially designed grooves that enable installation of all of the above mentioned elements.


Photo: Section: Standard aluminium constructional profile


V-Slot aluminium profiles are equivalent to these standard profiles, but have another very important functionality. Grooves in V-type profiles are specially designed to allow linear motion. Together with the V-profiles, special OpenBuilds (v-wheel) castors have been designed and manufactured to fit perfectly with this type of profile. In a standard aluminium profile, the edge of the groove is straight, so that linear movement on its surface will not work as well as with V profiles.


Photo. Section:  vslot 20x20 aluminium profile


How to connect V-Slot aluminium profiles?

As with standard aluminium construction profiles,  V-Slot profiles can be combined with each other and with additional components using special connectors. Each connector offers many different possibilities. We can specify several standard types of fasteners for aluminium profiles

  • External connectors installed on profiles
  • Connectors installed inside the groove

External connectors are elements that are ideal for joining profiles to maintain the greatest possible rigidity of the structure. An example is the Corner for joining aluminium profiles, which allows the profiles to be joined at 90 degrees.




This type of fastener requires fastening it with screws, which are again held in the profile by means of grooves to the aluminium profiles, which after tightening the screw rest against the edge of the profiles so that the fastener is pressed against the profiles and held in position. Another example of an external connector is the L-type corner connector, which, like the connector mentioned above, makes it possible to connect profiles at 90 degrees.


The second group of fasteners are elements that are installed inside the groove. This type of fasteners is particularly appreciated in structures where aesthetics are important. Makerlink - internal connectors for aluminium profiles can be found in our shop in many different configurations. This type of connector will enable you not only to make an aesthetic connection but also to connect many profiles at different angles!




What do you use V-slot profiles for ?

You will find many applications for aluminium profiles. As we mentioned earlier, these profiles do not differ significantly from standard constructional aluminium profiles and can be successfully used to build desks, tables, stands and other workstation equipment. V-Slot profiles are also suitable for building various structures and bases for operating tables, trolleys, platforms.  V-Slot aluminium profiles, due to their unique design, can be used in machine building where linear motion is important, which in the case of standard aluminium profiles is only possible after installation on it e. g. Linear shaft guides and bearings.

What devices should be built using V-Slot aluminium profiles ?

V-type profiles have been available on the market for several years and have been used to build many original and original designs. One example is the use of V-Slot profiles as a profile to build a 3D printer where linear motion is used. On the Internet you can find many interesting constructions, where linear shafts and bearings have been replaced and V-Slot profiles have been used, which are both the backbone of a 3D printer and the element on which the trolleys in the X, Y and Z axes move. Profiles are also used in the construction of light CNC milling machines or light laser engraving machines. The use of these profiles, OpenBuilds V-Wheel rollers, together with toothed belts and stepper motors, enables precise and fast movement of a given axis.

An example is the OpenBuilds Acro set:


Another very interesting example of a device in which V-Slot profiles have been used are sliders for cameras and sliders.

Sliders enable, among other things, smooth movement of the camera in a given line so we can record very professional shots. The advantage of V-Slot profiles is the possibility of their expansion, joining and mounting additional accessories. In a few moments we can automate the slider by adding the motor and controller to it, so that the slider will move smoothly on the line at a given time! In our shop you will also find all kinds of sliders for cameras and camcorders!

V-Slot aluminium profiles give us a lot of possibilities and often only our imagination limits us. We will soon be presenting you with many more interesting applications and examples of machines that have been built with the V-Slot profiles!



Where do I buy V-Slot profiles?

All aluminium profiles needed for your construction, connectors, screw corners, V-Wheel castors, ready-made sets for self-assembly and much more you will find in our shop vslot-poland.com

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