Unique CNC Black Box OpenBuilds controller already in Poland !

Probably as the first company in Poland, we are pleased to present you the latest CNC controller from OpenBuilds USA manufacturer - BLACK BOX! Certainly on our website there will be more entries about this unit and today we want to describe you in a few sentences what the Black Box driver is.

Black Box - The future of CNC milling machines for amateurs and professionals.

Some of you, probably have already managed to get to know the CNC xPRO v4 controller recommended by us, which has been with us for a long time. OpenBuilds provides electronics and user-friendly software with its devices. OpenBuilds Control, enables us to easily operate CNC equipment by communicating with controllers based on soft GRBL, and this is the case with xPRO v4 CNC control boards and Black Box electronics. The Black Box, combined with OpenBuilds Control Software, enables us to work with CNC milling machines, Laser, Plasma and other CNC equipment.

From the beginning - what is included in the BLACK BOX CNC OpenBuilds kit ?

When you buy the BlackBox Openbuilds driver, you get a complete set, which you have to assemble yourself.

However, this does not require any specialist knowledge or tools from us. After unpacking the package in the set you will receive :

  • Two electronic boards, which should be connected together at the appropriate stage of folding. This does not require any tools - just place the GOLD PIN connectors in the appropriate socket.
  • Electronics casing consisting of 6 parts. To tighten the housing you only need an Allen wrench (included in the kit) and a screwdriver.
  • Fan 60mm to be installed on the enclosure with the included screws
  • ON/OF button installed on one of the PCB screw connectors to connect all cables
  • Radiators taped to be installed in the right place on the PCB
  • USB cable

Soon you will find a video on our YouTube channel to guide you through the whole folding process.


What does the BlackBox driver offer us and what makes it easy to use ?

The manufacturer has made sure that connecting the tile is simple and pleasant. Apart from a superbly prepared set, which contains all the screws, Allen wrenches, etc. we need, it is worth paying attention to the screw connectors to which we can quickly and with a simple flat screwdriver install cables. And the BlackBox board connector offers us a lot! - we will write about them in the following articles and in the meantime a short list:

  • 4 sockets to connect X/Y/Y2/Z stepper motors (the Y2 axis can copy the movements of any axis). Stepper motors controllers are prepared to operate NEMA motors with current consumption up to 3.2A ( max. 4A )
  • 3 sockets for connecting mechanical and inductive ends (Z/Y/X)
  • Connector for connecting the Z axis probe

On the 2nd longer side you will find, among others :

  • Easily accessible potentiometers for motor current adjustment
  • Power switch
  • Reset button

Another of the shorter sides offers us another connector:

  • Board power supply connector (recommended 24v power supply)
  • Input fuse 10A
  • Connector for relay for general use (can be connected to it e. g. (Plasma trigger, coolant pump or spindle control)
  • Door lock signal connector - a sensor connected to this connector will cause e. g. Stopping the device when the casing door is open
  • USB connector
  • AUX1 connector
  • A connector that allows, among other things, to control the 5V PWM spindle !

The board is supported by an 8-bit Atmega328p microcontroller. The system installed on the board for the tested Grbl 1. 1.

OpenBuilds CNC Black Box Control

The manufacturer dedicates OpenBuilds Control software to operate the device to which the Black Box CNC controller is connected.

OpenBuilds Control is free software that is very easy to use. Thanks to this software we can, among others, control the X/Y/Z axes, configure parameters related to the operation of motors, increase/decrease the speed of the device, modify G-CODE and many others. Prepared G-CODE is uploaded to OpenBuilds Control and we can start working!

To sum up this first, general entry we encourage everyone to follow our BLOG and YouTube channel where soon more articles about the BlackBox will be shown. As for the board itself, we think it is a very interesting alternative to other CNC controllers based on Grbl. The Black Box offers the user a number of very useful connectors, which allow the control of CNC equipment and the connection of additional accessories such as, e. g. Housing opening sensor or plasma connection. Working with the Openbuilds Black Box driver, already at the folding stage in our opinion, gives a lot of satisfaction, and most importantly, even a novice DIY enthusiast should not have major problems with starting his first CNC machine!

BlackBox OpenBuilds controller, you can buy it in our shop V-SLOT Poland.

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