LEAD CNC 1000 x 1000mm


LEAD CNC 1000 x 1000mm

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The OpenBuilds LEAD CNC milling machine is another model based on V-SLOT and C-Beam profiles and OpenBuilds accessories. The design is ideal for both hobbyists and semi-professional use.






  • Work area:
    X - 730 mm
    Y - 810 mm
    Z - 100 mm
  • High of material processed: max. ~35mm
  • Precision: 0.05- 0.1mm
  • Overall dimension: 1000x1000 mm
  • Axle speed *: X max. 2500mm/min , Y max 2500 mm/min , Z max. 1000mm 
    *These are the maximum speeds suggested by the manufacturer. However, the speed of axis movement must be adjusted to the power of the motors, the control plate and the material being processed!

The design, after using the appropriate tool, motors and electronics, allows to work with :

  • Wood
  • Aluminium
  • Foam
  • Plastics

Self-assembly or ready to use version

Our company is one of the few to supply LEAD CNC 1010 CNC in 2 versions.

    Choosing this option (option to choose from at the price) our company takes care of the complete assembly of the unit, calibration, post-assembly tests, retrofitting with additional accessories (to choose from at the price) and shipping. When you purchase a ready-to-go unit, you can pick it up in person after it is assembled and receive free training to show you how to operate the unit, show you the basics of milling, control the unit using OpenBuilds Control and the basics of design in Fusion360. Those who choose this shipping option will receive a unit sent on a pallet, which they will be able to prepare and start working in a few minutes.
    Additionally, when purchasing a LEAD CNC 1010 milling machine as a ready-made unit, our company provides warranty services for the entire unit and technical advice.

NOTE! When selecting this option, the delivery time may differ from the time specified in the price! On average, the delivery time is extended by 5-8 working days - please contact us by phone or e-mail to determine the exact delivery time.

    The device is delivered to you in parts. The person deciding to purchase this unit will receive from us all the necessary items to be assembled together with optional accessories (to be chosen at the price). The assembly of the machine is done by yourself. The submission instructions are available in English + instructional video materials in English will also be provided to you. Choosing this option can be an interesting experience for DIY enthusiasts and people who have time and experience in mechanical engineering. NOTE! When choosing this option, we are not responsible for the accuracy of the unit and provide general advice. We will not always be able to help solve the problem during a remote consultation. Assistance in the submission may involve additional costs.

CONTROL AND SOFTWARE - device control 

For the LEAD CNC 1010 unit I recommend two dedicated control boards (choice of controller at price)

  1. RECOMMENDED CONTROL: Openbuilds BlackBox This is the latest driver from OpenBuilds USA. The controller supports 3 axes and has many additional options such as laser operation, plasma operation, limit switch operation and much more. More information on You will find the controller on our website: https://www.v-slot.pl/pl/p/BlackBox-OpenBuilds-sterownik-CNC/903

    BlackBox CNC

  2. CNC xPro v4 controller A controller that has been tested by hundreds of users around the world. This model was used in every offered unit until mid-2019 where it slowly gives way to the BlackBox controller. The controller also allows you to operate the laser, limit switches and has many other options. More information on You will find the controller on the website: https://www.v-slot.pl/sterownik-cnc-xpro-v4
    CNC xPRO v4

When you buy a LEAD CNC 1010 milling machine together with the controller offered by us, we will provide you with software for controlling the unit - OpenBuilds Control. The software is free, very intuitive and easy to use (available only in English). In addition, we offer you advice and assistance in the field of software operation. NOTE! The OpenBuilds Control software is responsible for the control of the milling machine and the execution of projects according to the specifications of the OpenBuilds Control software. previously prepared by the user projects saved as G-CODE. The model and the milling program must be made in-house! We recommend that you purchase Autodesk Fusion360 software for this purpose (also available in free version)!

A basic guide to the design process in Fusion 360 software and the milling process:




    The milling machine can be purchased without stepper motors or with motors that enable axis movement. You have the following options:

    • STEP ENGINES NEMA 23 (12. 9kg/cm), recommended for work in foam, plastics, soft and hard wood and light work in aluminium
    • STEP ENGINES NEMA 23 (23.9kg/cm),recommended for work in foam, plastics, soft and hard wood and light work in aluminium

      The unit can be purchased in 2 options:
    • Without spindle (the router has a bracket for mounting another ~71 mm diameter spindle)
    • With DeWalt D26200 spindle and sleeve for mounting 6,35 mm shank cutters

    DeWalt D26200

    Milling machine DeWalt D2620
    Milling machine 6,35 mm, 900 W, variable speed
    • Electronic speed control with speed hold up
    • Excellent surface quality of the material being processed: wood, aluminium, plastic
    • Exact depth setting mechanism
    • Variable speed from 16 000 to 27 000 rpm
    • Spindle lock mechanism for quick pick changes - one key
    • Compatibility with many accessories
    • Dual LED illumination increases the visibility of the work surface


    Power input 900 W
    Useful power 620 W
    Unloaded speed 16000-27000 obr/min
    Size of the plunge stroke 55 mm
    Collet size 6-8 mm
    Max. diameter 36 mm
    Weight 1,9 kg
    Lenght 120 mm
    High 200 mm
    Shoulder vibration level 6.8 m/s2
    Measurement uncertainty K 1 (vibration) 2,7 m/s2
    Sound pressure 77 dB(A)
    Measurement uncertainty K 1 (noise) 2.8 dB(A)
    Sound pressure 88 dB(A)
    Measurement uncertainty K 2 (noise) 2.8 dB(A)


    Additional accessories may be required to make full use of the milling machine. At the price you can choose the following options:


      Additional accessories include the following items :

      • 10 mm thick MDF board
      • Z axis position sensor
      • Z 6 pcs. of end pieces for X/Y/Z axis
      • Set of handles for mounting material on MDF board
      • Power supply
      • Additional light ring
      • Connecting cables
      • Cable guides
      • Profile plugs for covering cable parts



Many people call us asking what is the cost of a complete set and what to choose from the available options to buy a ready-made, complex and pre-calibrated set. To purchase such a ready-made set, select the options as shown in the picture below. This way, you will get a READY WORKING MACHINE!



Below we present you some of our films and user videos of the LEAD CNC milling machine.






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