Delivery time and costs

Delivery time and costs in the v-slot store!

We are glad, that you are visiting this tab in our store!
Since you are here, you certainly want to find out how are the costs and terms of delivery of the products which you can buy in our store.

As an introduction, we would like to share for you with some important information.




If you are here probably you are looking for OpenBuilds products. You may have noticed that the manufacturer of the V-Slot, C-Beam profiles and other additional accessories is OpenBuilds, which is based in the United States. The producent has created a series of products that are innovative and allows to build the construction of many interesting structures.

However, you need to know that our company wants to provide you only high-quality products - and these come only from the manufacturer or from authorized factories and warehouses in Europe. In our store, we do not sell OpenBuilds-style products that you can find, for example, in China. We make sure that you receive a high-class product that will meet your expectations.

Remember, however, that OpenBuilds products have to go a long way before they reach Poland and it take some time.





We are a distributor and we cooperate only with best and trustful suppliers

In addition to OpenBuilds, we work with companies that also cooperate with a manufacturer from the United States. These companies guarantee that the products are original, and the manufacturer has no concerns about the quality of each component.

In order to shorten the delivery time, we also "exchange" the goods between our company and our partners in order to guarantee you faster delivery as the one sprightly from the USA. Some of them - such as the Ooznest company, together with the producer OpenBuilds create many interesting projects.



Another manufacturer whose products you can also find in our store is MakerBeam. Our shop also guarantees you that their products come directly from the Dutch manufacturer!
Fortunately, the dimensions of MakerBeam products and the fact that the factory is located in Europe, allow us to quickly deliver products to our warehouse in Wrocław!



V-slot polska - warehouse in Wroclaw  

V-Slot Wrocław

Our stationary V-Slot store is located in Wrocław.

As you know, we are selling online, but also stationary one at our point at Grota Roweckiego 168. At our stationary point, we have products available in our Online store, but the interest is often so great that not everything is available immediately.

If you want to know if the product you are interested in is available in the warehouse in Wrocław, check the products tab in the product card or if you can choose the option "CHOOSE WAREHOUSE"  near products price and by choosing a warehouse in Poland you will find out whether the products are available "on the spot", whether they will be or are just transported to Poland and at what time.

Below you will find a graphic which is showing the "Select a magazine" option mentioned above. However, if there is no such an option in the product description you are interested in, it means that the products are imported to Poland on an ongoing basis and hardly never are immediately available and ready to buy in the warehouse in Wrocław.


wybierz magazyn v-slot


You will not find cheap replacers here!

The slogans "PRODUCTS FROM CHINA", "TIME OF IMPORTING OPENBUILDS PRODUCTS FROM CHINA", etc. Are often raised on the Internet. We cannot pass by this without any mention, so we would like to inform you that we know, that you can buy cheapy counterparts of Ooznest or openbuilds products in China.

Nevertheless, based on many years of experience and customer feedbacks, we know that these products are not worth attention (at least ours). We want to provide you only with a good product and components that fit together perfectly!

This, however, affects the price and delivery time. We guarantee that good quality product that is worth waiting for and paying a few zlotys more!


We provide you with the best prices possible!

You also often ask about the PRICE of the products, which we try to recalculate so that it coincides with the prices available on the manufacturer's website.

However, you need to know that it is not always possible to get the perfect and equal PRICE that you can get on the manufacturer's website, because we settle accounts in accordance with Polish law, which imposes additional costs and taxes.

Also, you need to know, that when buying directly from the USA, there are additional fees such as Duty, VAT, transport costs and other costs that await you if you import on your own.

When you buy from us, you will receive a 23% VAT INVOICE or a RECEIPT and you do not incur any additional costs!

Summing up, if you compare the purchase cost, e.g., in the USA and the price in our store, you must know that the price in our store is a sum of: (MANUFACTURER'S PRICE) * (EURO COURSE + TRANSPORT) + (DUTY + 23% VAT) + (CUSTOMS FEES).




Delivery time and delivery cost

Finally, now come to the most important information for which you are probably here.


  • Delivery time

The delivery time depends on whether the product is available in the Warehouse in Wrocław or whether it is imported from the USA or other warehouses from other European partners.

For some products, you will find the option to choose a warehouse (screen above) and information about the exact date of shipment.


  • Shipment within 48h

If the products are available and located in Poland and you also choose the Polish warehouse, we will send the products even in 48 hours!
Remember, however, that if you put in your basket together products which are in the Warehouse in Poland but also products whose delivery takes 21 days, we will send you the entire order within 21 business days.

If you want a partial delivery, please contact us directly by phone.

Remember, however, that 48 working hours is the time when we will hand over the package to the courier.
Until then, domestic transport should be added (approx. 1-2 business days).


  • Shipping up to 21 business days

As was mentioned above, a large group of products is imported from the USA or European countries on an ongoing basis.
This affects the longer shipping time, which can be up to 21 business days.

 The whole process takes longer because it consists of many parts:

➡ we submit orders to the manufacturer
➡ we are waiting for our line of preparing the shipment packing the shipment by the manufacturer ➡ transport to Poland ➡ customs control ➡ domestic delivery ➡ unpacking the goods in warehouse in Poland ➡ we package for candles in customs in Poland


  • Delivery

The goods which you order can be picked up in person in Wrocław at Grota Roweckiego Street at our stationary point. We handle INPOST parcel lockers (for shipments up to 50cm) and other courier services.




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